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MultiSaas – Multi-Tenancy Multipurpose Website Builder SAAS PHP Scripts. It use Separate Database for each Tenants, so that your website load fast, has option to add custom domains. automatic subdomain creations and much more. it comes with a different 10 theme with necessary inner pages, it will help your tenant to multiple type of website easily without hassle or thinking much about design. it also has 19+ payment gateway, will more than 150currency support. It’s highly customisable, it comes with many awesome features, like drag & drop menu builder, drag & drop form builder, drag & drop widget builder and many more. it’s compatible with Desktop, laptop, mobile and also compatible with major browsers.

MultiSaas - Multi-Tenancy Multipurpose Website Builder (Saas)

MultiSaas - Multi-Tenancy Multipurpose Website Builder (Saas)

v1.2.0 is a major update, before update make sure you have keep backup of your websites and databases, we have restructured complete theming system..

Version: 1.2.2 Date: 1 June 2023 Laravel 9x Required PHP v8.0 Minimum MySql Required 5.7 InnoDB MySql Database Storage Engine

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MultiSaas - Multi-Tenancy Multipurpose Website Builder (Saas)

Shared Hosting Manual Database Manage Video Tutorial

MultiSaas - Multi-Tenancy Multipurpose Website Builder (Saas) Nazmart – Multi-Tenancy eCommerce Platform (SAAS)

Frontend Demo: https://multipurposesass.com

Super Admin Demo: Super Admin Login

Username super_admin

Password 12345678

Frontend User Demo:

Username test

Password 12345678

Custom Domain Based Website:

Custom Domain Demo: https://picajobfinder.xyz/

Admin Login Details


username: super_admin password: 12345678

Sub Domain Based Website:

Sub Domain Demo: https://donation.multipurposesass.com

Admin Login Details


username: super_admin password: 12345678

MultiSaas - Multi-Tenancy Multipurpose Website Builder (Saas) MultiSaas - Multi-Tenancy Multipurpose Website Builder (Saas)

MultiSaas - Multi-Tenancy Multipurpose Website Builder (Saas)

14 Theme Available


Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Prevention Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Prevention Password Hashing Avoiding SQL Injection

System Requirement

This script need VPS to run it properly. System Requirement Backend Framework: Built on Laravel 9x Frontend Framework: Built on Bootstrap 4/5x Requires PHP >=8.0 Requires MYSQL >=5.7 InnoDB MySql Database Storage Engine Supports MySQL, Mysqli.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why This Script Require VPS? This script require VPS because, this script required few settings which usually does not allow in shared hosting or shared vps. Like Mysql root access (parent phpmyadmin access), Wildcard Subdomain, Cron Jobs, Php Configuration Settings, PHP new extension install and Enable , Mysql Version Update etc.

Why This Script Require MySQL Root Access? It must need mysql root access, to give privileges to script database user, for create database dynamically whenever new user created their website. without mysql root access ( root username and password ) you can not achieve this. otherwise each time user create website you need to create database manually and connect with that user.

Why This Script Require Wildcard Subdomain? Whenever user create a website system generate a subdomain for that user in database. it is must need for your to add wildcard subdomain and point the path to script installed path. then the system will able to handle any subdomain connection automatically. if you did not setup wildcard subdomain in that case every-time user create new website you have to create a subdomain for him manually and have to set path to script installed path

Any Recommended VPS for this script? We did not recommend any hosting company directly but, you can checkout insterserver vps package. initially you can start with 1core, 2gb ram. ( if you can start with 2core, 4gm ram it will be best ). our recommended panel for this script is WHM+Cpanel, Plesk, AaPanel those panel has very easy to manage settings for all the things. we did not prepare use Hostinger VPS ( because they did not provide mysql root access, basically their vps is a shared vps ). We also did not recommended to use CyberPanel because, this panel does not have option to configure wildcard subdomain. you are free to other panel as well.

May i use install the script in a subdomain? no, this script require to install in the root domain like example.com, because the system will generate subdomain for your user created website. which will look like hello.example.com, if you install the script in subdomain it will not able to create subdomain over subdomain for your users website

What should i ask to them before purchase vps ? here is few question you need to ask your hosting provider before purchase a vps to use this script.

  1. will it provide mysql root access (root username and password)
  2. is it support wildcard subdomain
  3. is it support wildcard subdomain ssl ( it is require to make sure your user create website has ssl certificate )
  4. Ability to change and upgrade PHP Version
  5. Ability to install PHP Extensions
  6. Cron Job Support
  7. Mysql Version is getter than 5.7
  8. InnoDB as MySql Database engine?
  9. PHP Version is getter than 8.0

Donation Module

this multisass comes with donatio module support, means your user can create easily donatio/fundrising website for themself within a few minutes. collect donation or fund from their users easily

Job Board Module

it has a beautify job board theme with complete job board solutions, where your user can create their own job board website and can post job charge applicant for apply and more.

Advertisement Module

it comes advertisement modules, which also support google Adsense ads along with banner and script ads option.

Event Booking Module

Mutltisass comes with evernt booking module, which allow your users to create event booking website with no time, they can sale their event ticket thought this module, can print their event ticket for attendance and much more.

Support Ticking Module

support ticking module allow your users to create a support ticking website, where they can manage all of their support ticket through their admin panel, user can open support ticket reply and set priority of support ticket base on their need

Knowledgebase Module

Knowledgebase website is much needed for now a days for many companies, this script will allow your users to create knowledgebase website with just a few click, extensive seach system, group wise article shown and more avilable.

eCommerce Module

eCommerce is neccessary for now a days to run any kind of business, most of the user are online today. multisass comes with Advance eCommerce module support where you user will get, advance inventory, advance shipping, advance coupon, advnace tax, promotional campaign creationg support, it also support multiple variants for product with additional price and image.

Subscription Module

It has details permission wise subscription package for teanants, with package admin can decide how many page they can create and which module they will has access.

Plan Renew Notification Module

admin can decide who many time and how many days ago systme send reminder mail to renew subscription plan of teanant. also can decide after how many days teantn account will be termenated and delete permanantly

Automatic Subdomain

this system comes with automated subdomain system. when any tenant register it automatically create subdomain for that tenant.

Custom Domain

Teanant can request for custom domain from their user panel or from their website admin panel. the system will notify admin regarding it, and tenant has to connect dns to the landlord doman. landlord need to add this domain as addon domain.

User Activity Log System

this Multipurpose Saas script comes with user activiy log system, admin can see their activity using the logs.

Multi-Langual Supported

TeanancyLand – Multipurpose Saas is full multi-lagual support for landlord and tenant as well. you can use mutliple langauge same time, where use can choose which one they want to see from dropdown

Support Ticket Module

This script comes with support Ticketing system, user can easily raise any ticket regarding their issue.

Admin Role Permission Module

It has in details user role Permissions, admin can decide by role which permission he/she want to give to other admin. super admin can control view/edit/create/delete any of the script module for any admin role.

Services Module

Services module is key feature of an this website , we have added all the thing you need to sale a service via this script, it has support all the thing, we have also add support for og meta and meta for each services

Blog Module

This script also has blog module to make engage with user easily.

Appointment Module

MultiSaas comes with appointment modules support, which allow you to manage appointment for your user. they can create schedule days and times, can add category/subcategory , also can set package per appointment or can add sub-add on per package. in short a complete solution for appointment management system..

Facebook / Google Login

This script has option to login to this website using facebook or google accoount, it will give your user choice to make account in your website within quick time, it also has option in checkout page to make a new account using order details.

Custom Page With Drag & Drop Page Builder Support

You can build any page with this Dynamically for your need, you have full access to our Drag & Drop page builder, you can buil any thing using it. it has 30+ custom widget to make your life easy

Custom Page import/export

it allow your users to export / import their ready page to create similar page in another website they own.

How to use Custom page Export & Import Feature In MultiSaas

Drag & Drop Menu Builder

TenancyLand Multi-Tenancy Multipurpose Cms comes with drag & drop menu builder with mega menu support. You can drag & drop any menu item to short it, Or make it dropdown if you want.

Drag & Drop Form Builder

TenancyLand Multi-Tenancy Multipurpose Cms comes with a great feature for your need is Drag & Drop Form Builder, it has text, number, email, select, checkbox, textarea, file etc fields. You can easily customise any form of this script. Also you can set is this field is required or not.

Drag & Drop Widget Builder

This Script comes with Widget Builder with 09 pre Made widget. You can build footer widget area with your needed widget. you can also use raw html for widget area, you can show newsletter widget or you can just show an image here. It’s up to you, you have full control over it. How to change footer and blog page sidebar content

Custom Js/CSS Module

You can add your own JS/CSS code to the script frontend. it will help if if you want to add any script code for tracking susch as facebook pixels.

This script comes with GDPR Cookie. you can change all the contnet from admin panel

700+ Google Fonts

From admin panel you can acess 700+ google font, you can set any font for your website body or heading

Unlimited Color Scheme

From admin panel you can change all the colors for the website

Visitor Details

Admin Dashboard has comes with all the information regarding your visitor, country/devices/os/browser and your website most visited url, it will help you to understand your customer need and write content accoding to your user base

Custom Theme Development

From version 1.2.0, Multisaas – Multipurpose Website Builder support develop your own theme. after update you will not lose any of your changes in the theme. here is documentation for it https://bytesed.com/docs/theme-development/

Custom Plugin Development

From version 1.2.0, Multisaas – Multipurpose Website Builder support develop your own plugin for this platform. after update you will not lose any of your changes in the plugin file. here is documentation for it https://bytesed.com/docs/plugin-development/

Custom Widget Builder Addon Development

From version 1.2.0, Multisaas – Multipurpose Website Builder support develop your own Widget Builder Addon for this platform. after update you will not lose any of your changes in the Widget Builder Addon file. here is documentation for it https://bytesed.com/docs/widget-builder-addon-development/

Custom Page Builder Addon Development

From version 1.2.0, Multisaas – Multipurpose Website Builder support develop your own Page Builder Builder Addon for this platform. after update you will not lose any of your changes in the Page Builder Addon file. here is documentation for it https://bytesed.com/docs/page-builder-addon-development/

Custom Payment Gateway Implementation

From version 1.2.0, Multisaas – Multipurpose Website Builder support implement your local Payment Gateway for this platform. after update you will not lose any of your changes in the payment gateway implementation file. here is documentation for it https://bytesed.com/docs/custom-payment-gateway-implementation/


  • Unique Design
  • 14+ theme
  • Donation Module
  • Event Booking Module
  • Job Board Module
  • Support Ticking Module
  • Knowledge-base Module
  • eCommerce Module
  • NewsPaper Module
  • Appointment Module
  • Hotel Booking Module [coming soon]
  • Course Selling Module [coming soon]
  • Real State Module [coming soon]
  • Food Ordering Module [coming soon]
  • Powerful Admin Dashboard
  • Muti language support
  • User Role Permission System (Super Admin Can Assign Role or Can Add New Admin)
  • User Dashboard
  • RTL Support
  • Dynamic Page
  • Page Slug Change Options
  • Page Meta Tag Options
  • Drag & Drop Menu Builder
  • Drag & Drop Form Builder
  • Drag & Drop Widgets Area Builder
  • FAQ Page with google schema markup support
  • Page Slug & Name Change
  • 950+ Google Fonts
  • Cache Settings
  • Pre Made Pages Slug change
  • Pre Made Pages Name change
  • Custom CSS Settings
  • Custom JS Settings
  • Sitemap Generator
  • Maintains Mode
  • GDPR Cookie Settings
  • Email Template Settings
  • SEO Settings Available
  • OG Meta Added
  • Google Analytics Settings
  • Live Chat Options
  • Unlimited Color Option
  • Admin Dark Mode
  • Dynamic Order Page
  • FAQ Page
  • Typography Settings
  • Well Documented
  • Quality Support
  • Lifetime Update

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