How To Setup Custom Domain – TenancyLand/MultiSass

when any tenant request for a custom domain setup from tenant admin panel / dashboard. here is step to connect custom domain with landlord server and setup dns system for tenant domain

Step 01:
from tenant dashboard they have send request with their domain name as follows

Step 02:

add the domain url request from tenant dashbaord

Step 03: now landlord will get email of this domain request to connect it with landlord server. also tenant has to make sure he add dns details as like above image. these dns cname value will be change dynamically as per your landlord website domain

Step 04:

now it landlord admin panel, admin will change status of request domain and change status to pending

Step 05: now landlord need to connect this domain his cpanel/plesk/aapanel/web control panel/ direct admin etc or any panel you are using. i am showing cpanel info here the process is same for others panel as well.

login to your cpanel account then go to Domains > addon domain

Step 06: now need to add tenant requested domain as your addon domain and point it to the script install path

Step 07: dns change usually take 24/75hr to reflect changes, you can check dns propagation status from this website

Step 08: once dns is connect is ok, then you have to change the request domain status to complete to connect it with your tenant website

when you connected it, tenant website will load on this domain instead of subdomain.

that’s all for connect custom domain to tenant account.

if you need any kind of help you can contact us

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